Planning, design and operation of electrical power systems require engineering studies to evaluate existing status, to size new components and to propose improvements of performance, reliability, safety and economics. Studies are the most efficient way to prevent unexpected failures, to lower costs, and to optimise equipment selection. During the design phase of a new system, the studies foresee the future conditions of a power systems, allowing to avoid potential deficiencies. In existing systems, studies locate the cause of failures and indicate corrective measures.

We propose ourselves as specialist in electrical power system studies, primarily focused on (but not limited to):

    • load flow calculation
    • transformer sizing and On Load Tap Changer sizing
    • short circuit calculation
    • harmonic analysis and harmonic passive filters sizing
    • motor starting
    • transient stability analysis
    • protection selectivity
    • grounding grid sizing
    • current transformer sizing
    • fault analysis
    • electromagnetic transients (Transient Recovery Voltages, insulation coordination, transformer energisations, switching transients, and so on…)
    • small signal stability
    • ENA G5/5, ENA P28, ENA G99 (specific for the UK market)

All studies are carried out in compliance with the main standards: IEC, IEEE, ANSI, CEI, BS, ENA, etc.

Professional tools

Since the complexity of modern power systems imposes the use of digital computers with proper simulation software to carry out the required studies, M2EC mostly uses three professional software programs, depending on the specific simulation to be undertaken.

DigSilent Powerfactory (see for more information) and NEPLAN Electricity (see for more information) are software tools to analyse, plan, optimize and simulate electrical networks. The strength of the software is the user-friendly graphical interface with the extensive libraries for the network elements, protection devices and control circuits, which allows the user to undertake study cases very efficiently. M2EC use DigSilent Powerfactory and NEPLAN for load flow calculations, short circuit calculations, harmonic analysis and harmonic passive filters sizing, motor starting, transient stability analysis, protection selectivity.

Concerning the electromagnetic transients, M2EC use the well-known and world-wide referenced EMTP-ATP (Alternative Transient Program – see, which is a universal program system for digital simulation of transient phenomena of electromagnetic as well as electromechanical nature. With this digital program, complex networks and control systems of arbitrary structure can be simulated.

XGSLab is one of the most powerful software for the electromagnetic simulations of grounding systems and lightning protection systems and takes into account International (IEC/TS 60479-1:2005), European (EN 50522:2010) and American (IEEE Std 80-2000 and IEEE Std 80-2013) Standards in grounding system analysis. See for details.

Other calculations required are performed using our proprietary software tools. Based on our professional engineering knowledge and long experience, our tools have been developed with accuracy, reliability and in compliance with international standards.