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Experts in Electrical Power System Studies

Who we are

M2EC is a talented electrical engineering consultancy founded by Alessandro Manunza and Silvia Melis and specialised in design, analysis, and calculations about electrical power systems. We propose our services to Transmission/Distribution System Operators, utilities, large companies, and individuals too.

We offer highly qualified assistance based on our 25 years long experience and propose a computer-aided methodology to approach every phase of a project since its early stages, in order to achieve highly reliable results, to save time and resources.

We are based in Cagliari and in Milano, Italy, but we offer our services worldwide. Thanks to the IT tools, our market has not geographical limits and we can contact our customers wherever they are. If required, we move immediately to give our assistance on site.

OUR Work

Planning, design and operation of electrical power systems require engineering studies to evaluate the existing status, to size new components and to propose improvements of performance, reliability, safety and economics. Studies are the most efficient way to prevent unexpected failures, to lower costs, and to optimise equipment selection. During the design phase of a new system, the studies foresee the future conditions of a power systems, allowing to avoid potential deficiencies. In existing systems, studies locate the cause of failures and indicate corrective measures.

Years Experience